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S-Series: Honda L1.5 Connecting Rods

Our S-Series rods are our second tier off the shelf product. They are available in 4340 with ARP 2000.
We purchase our steel (4340) in South America and comes with Industrial Certifications.

The Honda L1.5 S-Series Rods can handle up to 800HP (4340 Version)

Saenz Performance Gurantees the quality of the steel, the forging, the heat treatment process and the dimensional sizes. There are no further gurantees either expressed or implied by Saenz Performance or any of their agents.

S-Series Rod: Honda L1.5 - 4340 - ARP 3/8 2000 Bolts (sold per set-each set is 4 rods)


Minimal Notching Required (Less Than Competitors)!!

Saenz Performance Honda L15B 1.5L Turbo S-Series Connecting Rods

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