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If you're putting a VQ 6 speed (CD009) in your S chassis, then you're going to need a new cross member under the car to keep it in place.

We've designed this all new cross member to locate the tailshaft of the VQ transmission using a VG (Z32 300ZX) transmission mount for easier fitment and better stability then the single bolt design of the VQ. You can use either a stock rubber VG mounts or our urethane VG mount (N-VG-UTM-S1).

The cross member has slotted mounts to the chassis to allow for different transmission adapters and motor positions while the formed steel design keeps it light weight and strong without welds.

The Picture with the VG urethane transmission mount is for reference only, it's not included with the cross member.

This cross member does NOT fit with stock VQ (CD009) rubber transmssion mounts that use the single center bolt.

Kit includes:

1 New Crossmember

4 New chassis bolts

4 Washers

Xcessive Manufacturing S Chassis to VQ (CD009) Transmission Cross Member

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